Computer Desk / DIY Desk PC Plans

Computer Desk / DIY Desk PC Plans


With these Desk PC plans, I’ll show YOU how to build your own DIY gaming computer desk or desk PC!

Ready to build your own Desk PC? Purchase the plans and let's get started!

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With a basic set of tools, you can turn a pile of plywood into a sweet custom gaming rig that will be the envy of your friends.

The Desk PC plans include a detailed cutlist, a cutting diagram for breaking down the sheet goods, and a SketchUp file. If you have any questions during the build, you can email me and I’ll do my best to help.

What materials do I need to build this Desk PC / Computer Desk?

For this desk PC build, I used three sheets of ¾” plywood, one sheet of ½” plywood, and one sheet of ¼” plywood. The cost of the wood on this build was roughly $200, at least in my area. With the other hardware and finishing supplies added, the total cost is roughly $400. This is still much, much cheaper than purchasing a desk like this.

What are the dimensions of the Desk PC?

This desk is pretty big, and was designed to hold three 23” widescreen monitors on the desk top. The top is 74 inches by 31 inches and the total height of the desk is 30”, including the height of the casters I used. This sizing is totally adjustable though and, with the included SketchUp file, you’ll be able to adjust the desk to suit your needs. For ease of moving, the desk is made up of three structures: the top and midsection, and the two cabinet legs.

How do I build a Computer Desk / DIY Desk PC?

The build article has a list of all of the materials I used, including the hardware, paint, and electronics. The build videos will also walk you through step-by-step, so you can build this desk PC for yourself!