About Crafted Workshop


Crafted Workshop features video-centric content focused on woodworking, metalworking, and making. Created by Johnny Brooke in May of 2016, Crafted Workshop creates free weekly how-to project videos and publishes this content on YouTube.


I’m new here, what should I check out first?

Good question! I’d definitely get caught up on my woodworking project videos. That’s the bread and butter of what I do.

If you’d really like to build one of my projects, chances are I have woodworking plansavailable for them. All of my plans include a customizable SketchUp file, cutlist, and cutting diagram. Along with the project videos, you’ll be finished with your project in no time!


How can I support Crafted Workshop?

I’m looking for reader/viewer support to help cover the costs associated with running the site and YouTube channel (hosting fees, material costs for projects, etc). I’m always looking to up my game with new photo/video gear, better lighting, new tools, etc., and these things are really expensive. I’d also love to be able to afford to travel to visit some of my favorite makers to collaborate with them. I appreciate every penny I receive, and the money will be 100% reinvested into creating new and interesting Crafted content.

To support me, visit my Patreon page, purchase plans, or just share my content with your friends and family. I really appreciate it.