I'm Johnny.

I'm here to teach you about all things woodworking and making. I publish weekly videos showing you how to build awesome woodworking projects. Let me know if you have any questions!

#49: Answering More Listener Questions

#49: Answering More Listener Questions

We apologize for the delay in publishing and the poor audio quality on this episode. Our typical recording system for the show went on the fritz and we were trying to get a response from their support system to no avail. We had to use the YouTube live stream audio, which isn't the best but hopefully still good enough. Thanks!

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What’s new/ what are we working on?


Keith Johnson Custom Woodworking :

What's your approach for gluing up long miters? Similar to what you would have on a waterfall table.

Theduck :

I want to make a French cleat wall, only I need it to hang from the rafter in the basement (or what ever them long peace’s of wood are called)

Sean Foushee :

If you needed to glue up table tops but didn't have a domino, would you go with biscuits, dowels, or just use cauls? 5-6 table tops minimum

Doc Darkness :

If you could choose one material to work with, what would it be and why?

TheFantasic MrFox :

With Christmas coming up, what kind of gifts are you guys going to make?

Patrick's WorkShop :

Question for full time content creators how do you guys manage your time with building, editing, social media, and family and friends

After Show:

Doc Darkness :

What you guys think about using hot glue to hold a piece when gluing panels during assembly? Think I saw Jimmy DiResta doing it once and thought cool idea!

Theduck :

Other then being makers in the shop, what other thing do y’all like to do...like bake bread...cookies...take pictures to put in the frames y’all make???

What’s new/what are we watching/reading?

Johnny: Learn Quick w/ Mike Boyd

James: Giaco Whatever

Zack: Creativity inc, Zen aomm, Al Stohlman leatherworking stuff

Favorite tool/product this week?


From Matt Whitlow:

Hey guys just want you to know that Alone in the Wilderness is available legally online at the internet archive.


#50: Does Design, Content or Usability Come First?

#50: Does Design, Content or Usability Come First?

#48: Who Inspires Us As Makers?

#48: Who Inspires Us As Makers?