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How To Build A Cedar Planter Box DIY

How To Build A Cedar Planter Box DIY

Looking for a simple planter box? Look no further! This cedar planter box took only a few hours to build and should last for years to come. Watch the video then continue reading below for all of the information you need to build this awesome cedar planter box.

Tools Used Building The DIY Planter Box

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DIY Planter Box Build Process

This was one of those projects that just sprung up one day. My wife and I were at the home center shopping around, and she came up to me with this cheap, Made in China, sloppily stained pine planter box, priced at $40. I said that I could build a better one (don’t we all say that) and she said that was fine, but it had to be done that day. So, while she continued her shopping, I frantically searched the inter webs for a simple planter box plan.

I found a plan for a cedar planter box on Simply Easy DIY, and here's a link to the original (and now outdated) plan.

The beauty of this design is in its simplicity. The box is made up of three separate panel styles. First, you have your short sides. These are made up of two rails and three slats. The slats are set in 1 ½” on the left and right sides, flush on the top, and are set in ¾” on the bottom. Next, you have your long sides.

On these sides, the slats are flush on the left, right, and top, but are still set in ¾” on the bottom. Last, you have your bottom, which is made up of 8 pieces of the 1x4 at 12” long. These are screwed in through the bottom and sit in the gap created by the inset slats. That’s it, a pretty simple box that is really easy to make.

This is a great project for a beginner woodworker, as you can build this planter box with nothing but a saw and a drill. Break down your pieces based on the cut list I’ve included above, and then you can move on to assembly. I used a miter saw with a stop block, which is incredibly useful for this type of project. Even if you don’t have a full stop block system at your miter saw, you can use a speed square clamped to your work surface as a makeshift stop block.

First, assemble the short sides of the box. To do this, pre-drill and then attach the slats to the side rails using 1 ¼” screws from the inside. On cedar from the big box stores, there is usually one rough side and one smooth side. You want to make sure that the rough side is facing you during assembly so that the smooth side will be facing out on the final project.

On the short sides, make sure to inset the slats by 1 ½” on the left and right and by ¾” on the bottom. On the long sides, the left, right and top are all flush, but the bottom is still inset by ¾”.

To attach the sides to each other, pre-drill and use 2” screws through the overhanging piece of the rails on the short sides of the box, making sure to maintain square. I used 2 screws per rail, for a total of 8 screws per side.

To attach the bottom, pre-drill and screw in some 1 ¼” screws. Once all of the bottom slats are attached, drill a few drainage holes using a large drill bit or Forstner bit. That’s it!

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