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How To Build A Workbench with a Solid Core Door for $35

In this video, we build an extremely solid and functional workbench for $35. We found a solid core door on Craigslist for $10 and found plans online that only required a few additional pieces of lumber. I didn't follow the plan exactly, but I still ended up with a great, simple workbench that only took a few hours to complete. You really only need a circular saw and drill to complete this project, so don't be intimidated by it if you don't have a bunch of tools.

This was my first time using dowel joinery and it seemed to make an extremely strong joint. The Dewalt 20V Max Hammerdrill had no problem drilling the holes, and I'm loving the 20V Max system's battery life. If I had to build this table again, I'd definitely figure out a better way to support the leg pieces while I was drilling the holes for the dowels, as it was extremely awkward working on the garage floor.

I plan to add casters to the bench to raise the height of the top to match the height of my table saw. This will allow me to use this bench as an outfeed table for my table saw when needed. I also plan to potentially add some drawer storage below the workbench, which Woodgears has plans for as well. I've included a link to those plans below.

Please leave a comment below if you build a workbench using this plan or video! I'd love to see your final products. Thanks for watching.

To see the plan we based this table on, click here.

To see the plans for the corresponding drawers for this workbench, click here.


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