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Weekly Maker Roundup Episode #2

Weekly Maker Roundup Episode #2


Welcome back to Weekly Maker Roundup Episode #2! The video above features brief clips from some of my favorite maker videos from the past week. This week's video features Darbin Orvar, Inspire to Make, Woodbrew, and more! Let me know what you think about the video format in the comments below!

Weekly Maker Roundup Episode #2 Featured Videos:

“Small chest of drawers”

by ZH Fabrications

“DIY Rustic Lamp // Woodbrew”

by Woodbrew

“DIY Bluetooth Speaker”

by Darbin Orvar

“How to mod a SATA drive case - SNES cartridge as a Kingston SSD drive enclosure”

by Inspire To Make

“Scrap Wood Bandsaw Boxes”

by krtwood

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