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Weekly Maker Roundup Episode #1 & VLOG 005

Weekly Maker Roundup Episode #1 & VLOG 005


Welcome back to our fifth vlog, along with a new segment I'm calling the Weekly Maker Roundup. The Weekly Maker Roundup is a highlight video that features brief clips from some of our favorite maker videos from the past week.

The vlog will be merging with this new segment, and the video will hence forth be known only as the Weekly Maker Roundup. That said, it will still feature a brief shop update at the beginning of the video. Let me know what you think about the video format in the comments below!

Below is a listing of all the videos featured in the Weekly Maker Roundup, embedded for your convenience.

“First Time Welding - Plywood Rack for Truck Bed”

by April Wilkerson

April Wilkerson learns to weld with her new Lincoln Electric Power MIG 210 MP in this video build. She learns to weld on a plywood rack project for her truck bed.

“Laura´s Turbo Raft”

by Laura Kampf

Laura Kampf builds an insanely awesome water vessel she dubbed the "Turbo Raft", propelled by a weed whacker with a custom-built propeller. Amazing work!

“Segmented Woodturning: My 96th Vase”

by Kyle Toth

Kyle Toth, the lathe master, is at it again with his 96th vase. Kyle is so much fun to watch, you can just tell he's having so much fun in his shop.

“Milliput Ring”

by Peter Brown

Peter Brown turns a ring out of Milliput, a malleable putty that hardens when mixed together. Peter created a Damascus-like blank and then turned the ring on his wood lathe.

“Woodworking, Shop Stool, Extended Version”

by The Samurai Carpenter

The Samurai is a truly unique dude. He's an extremely talented woodworker and a hilarious personality. In this video, he builds an incredible shop stool that's nicer than most of the furniture in my house, much less my shop.

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“Matt's Weekly Shop Update - July 11, 2016”

by Matthew Cremona

Matt is working on his new farmhouse table build, which will be featured on The Wood Whisperer Guild. Matt is building the table from two giant slabs that he milled many months ago, and I'm really excited to see the finished project.

“Microwave/Recycling Bin/Shredder/Mail Tray Cabinet - Part 3 of 3”

by Frank Howarth

Frank finished his mixed-use cabinet, built out of plywood using a plethora of woodworking skills. Frank is as talented a cinematographer as he is a woodworker, and his videos are always a joy to watch.

“30 Days Meteorite Trophy for David - 30 of 30!!!”

by Giaco Whatever

Giaco Whatever and David Waelder embarked on a 30-day video creating spree one month ago and they're finally done. The final two videos they produced included gifts to each other, to commemorate the major achievement.

“A gift made for Giaco - Day 30/30”

by David Waelder

“How Are Past Projects Holding Up? Plus Tips and Tricks!”

by Make Something

David Picciuto talks about some of his past projects and looks at how they're holding up. A few need a bit of TLC, but, for the most part, they're holding up well (despite what the trolls might say).


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