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Oneida Air Molded Mini Gorilla Dust Collector Review

Oneida Air Molded Mini Gorilla Dust Collector Review


The Oneida Air Molded Mini Gorilla Dust Collector is billed as a mobile dust collection unit that can be moved around your shop easily. Does it live up to that claim? Watch my video review of the Molded Mini Gorilla below to find out!

Full disclosure: Oneida Air provided this review unit free of charge, but this was not contingent upon a positive review. This is an honest, unbiased review.

I've been using the Oneida Air Molded Mini Gorilla as my main dust collector for the past seven months and, in my opinion, it definitely lives up to Oneida Air's claims. Currently priced at $1,049, I believe it is extremely competitive with other dust collectors in its category and is built to last.

The Molded Mini Gorilla Dust Collector's Key Features

Here's a few key features that make the Molded Mini Gorilla stand out from other dust collectors in its category, in my opinion:

Mobility - The Molded Mini Gorilla is designed to move around your shop, from tool to tool. It comes equipped with non-marring casters and is extremely easy to roll around the shop. That said, with the flexible hose I've been using, I don't even need to move the unit that much and it still works great. The unit is also fairly lightweight for its size, due to the fact that the majority of the unit is made from molded resin.

G.E. Certified HEPA Filter - At the end of the day, dust collectors are supposed to do one thing: collect dust. If they don't do that effectively, what's the point? A HEPA filter on your dust collector is an absolute must in my opinion, as it significantly reduces the airborne dust in your shop. The HEPA Filter in the Molded Mini Gorilla is flame resistant and is easy to clean, with a dust port on the bottom of the filter.

Easy-To-Empty Dust Container - This is obviously a huge factor in any dust collector, as you will have to empty your dust bin on a fairly regular basis. The Molded Mini Gorilla's dust container is attached with three latches, and rolls out on a few casters to allow for easy bag removal and installation. In less than a few minutes, you'll have the bag changed out and will be back to work. Efficiency is absolutely key in any woodworking shop, and who really wants to spend more time than they have to emptying their dust collector? Not me.

Plenty Of Power - I have never felt like I needed more power from the unit. The Molded Mini Gorilla is rated at 583 actual CFM (cubic feet per minute), which is plenty of suction for most home shop environments, and even light duty commercial shops. The tools where you might need a little more suction are larger planers (15" and up) and other tools that put off high volumes of chips. However, these tools are generally not common in a home shop environment, and the Molded Mini Gorilla handled the chips from my 13" DEWALT Planer with ease.

One other note here: from what I've read, many of the CFM ratings on popular dust collectors (I'm looking at you, Harbor Freight) are basically impossible to achieve based on their components. With that in mind, don't just compare apples to apples here, as those apples might not actually be what they seem in this case.

Made in USA - All of Oneida Air's products are American made, including their extremely popular Dust Deputy. This is a huge factor for me, as I try and support American made products whenever possible. There is a distinct lack of American made options in the power tool scene, and I think you'd be hard pressed to find another American made dust collection system.

The Molded Mini Gorilla's Few Cons

As you can see, there's a lot to love about the Molded Mini Gorilla. That said, it's not an absolutely perfect machine, depending on your use case. If I had one gripe about the Molded Mini Gorilla, it would be the relatively small dust container. At 22 gallons, I can fill it up in an afternoon session of planing and jointing rough lumber. This is really a cost of doing business because of the mobility the unit needs to maintain, but I still might experiment with adding an inline chip collector with a separator for use when I'm planing and jointing.

Accessories for the Molded Mini Gorilla

One of the accessories I'd like to add to the unit is Oneida's Dust Sentry, an electronic sensor that alerts the user when the dust bin is full. I've overfilled the dust bin on more than one occasion and that makes it much less enjoyable to empty. Another useful accessory would be a remote, as it is a bit annoying to have to go flip on the unit every time I'm about to use a machine.

Wrapping Up My Review of the Molded Mini Gorilla

Overall, I've throughly enjoyed using the Molded Mini Gorilla and have no intentions to change my dust collection system. It does everything I need it to do and I am proud of the fact that I can support an American made brand like Oneida Air. If your shop is setup similarly to mine, I think you will really enjoy the Molded Mini Gorilla.

To learn more about the Molded Mini Gorilla and Oneida Air's other dust collection systems, click here. If you have any other questions about the Molded Mini Gorilla, let me know in the comments section below.

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